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Books and journal: in the field of freight forwarding, transportation, logistics

Information related to the phrase book:
As monograph (colloquially textbook) refers to a comprehensive,
in itself complete treatise on a single subject, a
single work, a particular problem or a single personality.
A monograph is derived normally by a single author.
The most common form of the monograph is in the literature, biography,
which also the complete works and the significance and overall assessment of a
Treated artist or writer.
In science, the boundary between monograph and textbook is fluent.
Former term is preferred if the target audience of colleagues, the latter,
if they consist of students.
In librarianship we distinguish the monographs (printed books)
of the "wage and salary earners literature" (essays in magazines and

Information on the term journal:
A journal is published periodically printed and informed
Unlike a monograph rapidly and currently. In the section which falls
pure scientific journal that (almost) does not display Financing
and most of the relevant professional society depends (eg chemistry. They
documented recent research results, as described below).
The journals in the relevant trade press department of the
Publisher's umbrella organization Association of German Publishers and Booksellers include also
the many trade journals financed through ads, which often product-oriented z.
B. report on technical developments. Also practical
Magazines from industries where there is much less Products (and ads)
are such as social work, among the journals:
Publisher and Editors good journals are usually also
Those skilled in the relevant art. Scientific journals
are increasingly using the peer review to ensure the quality of the contributions

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