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Brisa Auto-Estradas de Portugal, founded in 1972, is the largest Portuguese motorway operator and a leading player in the sector in Europe. Brisa currently operates on a concession basis a network of 11 motorways, with a total length of around 1050 km, constituting the main Portuguese road links, connecting the country from north to south and from east to west. Brisa also owns 80% of the capital of the Brisal consortium, which obtained a 92 km concession in 2004. It also has a minority stake in Auto-Estradas do Atlântico, a company that operates two motorways, with a total length of 170 km. Given its importance and dimension, Brisa owns various companies specializing in motoring services, aimed at improving the quality of the service provided to customers, as well as an increase in its own operating efficiency. Besides leading the domestic market, Brisa also holds stakes in the largest motorway concession holders in Brazil and Spain - CCR and Abertis, respectively - both publicly listed. As one of the largest Portuguese companies on the stock exchange, with market capitalization around 4 billion euros, Brisa is included in PSI 20, the main Portuguese stock exchange index. It is also included in the Euronext 100 index, which lists the largest companies in France, Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal.

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